Our Team — Nuestro Equipo

Catherine Pruett, Executive Director

Catherine was a key collaborator in the formation of Sea Shepherd Legal (SSL) – the only public interest law firm dedicated solely to enhancing and enforcing legal protections for marine wildlife and habitats across the globe. Conversant in science, law and environmental policy, Catherine brings passion to this cause and broad experience to her role as SSL’s first Executive Director. A lifelong conservationist, Catherine lives by the motto that life is too short to work in a career that does not make a resounding and positive difference for the conservation of wildlife and wild places.  Catherine’s career path has been varied, yet, throughout her volunteer activities and employment, she has remained engaged in the protection of wildlife.  From her days as a youth rescuing and rehabilitating injured animals to her employment as director of conservation organizations, this commitment has not waned. In addition to practicing law, Catherine has experience in nonprofit organizational management, fundraising, public outreach, conservation policy analysis, environmental education, wildlife and habitat surveys, freshwater and estuarine restoration, and nonprofit board leadership.  Catherine obtained her undergraduate degree in Geography with an emphasis in biology from the University of Hawai’i, a law degree from Willamette University College of Law, and a Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University.  She has written and presented about multiple conservation topics ranging from the multijurisdictional complexities of legal protections for migratory wildlife to ecological successes wrought from NGO-government agency collaboratives.

Contact Catherine at catherine@seashepherdlegal.org

Nick Fromherz, Staff Attorney

One of Nick’s earliest and clearest memories is sitting on the bow of a small boat off the coast of Depoe Bay, Oregon, watching a humpback whale sun itself in barnacled glory.  The road back to the ocean has been a long one, with many stops and detours along the way, but Nick is delighted to find himself working for SSL to save marine wildlife and habitat.  As Staff Attorney for SSL, Nick’s practice involves a mixture of domestic and international law.  He works in all of SSL’s focus areas, leveraging existing legal frameworks and, where those are insufficient, advocating for the development of new ones.  Base-camped in Bolivia, Nick has the additional role of furthering SSL’s mission in the Latin American region. In his work for SSL, Nick is guided by a firm belief in the rule of law.  Much clichéd, the rule of law means more than just respect for legal codes; it represents the conviction that law plays a critical role in society—that it reflects (or ought to reflect) the best in us, standing as a shared vision for just behavior and right relation.  Nick works to bolster the rule of law in the marine environment, a place where this value continues to be in alarmingly short supply.  Before joining SSL, Nick served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Lewis & Clark Law School, teaching classes on international and domestic environmental law. Prior to his time at Lewis & Clark, Nick worked as an Environmental Law & Policy Scholar for a nonprofit organization in Bolivia, served as a litigation attorney for a large law firm in California, and spent three years clerking for federal judges (two years at the trial-court level and one year at the appellate level).  Nick graduated as the valedictorian of his law-school class.  His writing has appeared in Foreign Affairs, Stanford Environmental Law Journal, Ecology Law Quarterly, West Virginia Law Review, Washington University Global Studies Law Review, and Administrative Law Review.

Contact Nick at nick@seashepherdlegal.org


Nota: Una traducción al español estará disponible muy pronto.


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